What I Learned While on Vacation

Our family has taken two kinda of vacations this summer… A beach vacation where we stayed at Grandpa and Grandma’s… Ate gourmet food every night… Had (plenty) of wine… And seriously relaxed.
The second was hair straight back… 4 tourist trap… Err attractions… In 3 days… Here’s what I learned during trip #2:
1. I can pack way less stuff… I have been wearing the same jeans for three days… They are the only pants I packed and it has been raining.

2. My toddler can sleep with distractions around her… All 5 of us in a hotel room worked really well.
3. Sometimes the fun things you plan are not nearly as fantastic as the hotel swimming pool.
4. There is an exhibit at Science World with pictures of life sized naked people…

5. I will look like my Grandma K when I am 70…

6. I now need a rest after my vacation…

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