That Time I Rocked It In the Gift Department

That Time I Rocked It In the Gift Department

I once bought Craig a pleather “dress shirt” for Christmas.  The fabric was slightly more luxurious than a tarp, but it did have snaps up the front.  All the better for whipping that heat rash inducing garment off at the end of the day.

It was for sure a purchase of desperation and an epic fail in the thoughtful gift department.  I hope where ever that shirt is now that it is only worn for Halloween cowboy costumes or something.  What was I thinking!

Thankfully I have come a long way when it comes to choosing presents for people.  This weekend we celebrated Craig’s birthday and I rocked it in the gift department.

I planned an epic overnight trip to Sun Peaks where we checked into the Sun Peaks Grand for the night.  At the front desk we were asked if we were celebrating anything special.  I thought they were just making chit chat so I say “Well it’s a bit of a late birthday celebration for my husband.”

Up to our room to watch cable T.V. and chill… like actually chill… as in lay around and read or play on our phones without interruption.  Seriously.

Next thing we know there’s a knock at our door.  Craig and I look at each other stunned.  Then every movie murder scene I’ve ever seen in a hotel whisks through my head.

Turns out there was a nice hotel chap at the door with a birthday card for Mr. Scott… on a plate… with a spoon.  A bit odd but classy.

Craig opens the card and there is more fun to this little mystery birthday gift.

Untitled design (19)

Just dial 6918 and we will deliver a surprise to you!!! I can hardly stand it.

Twenty minutes later this shows up at the door…

Untitled design (20)

Quinoa chocolate cake with berries!  So it’s totally healthy right!  By that time however we need to run out the door to our dinner reservation.  We put the cake in the fridge and anticipate eating it later. (This may sound like foreshadowing for something tragic happening to our decadent dessert… I assure you all was well).

Off to Mantles for supper.  We were seated at a delightful table by the window and had a view of lit up trees and part of the village.  Magical.  It was super hard to choose what I wanted from the menu.  (Well except for the wine, I ordered myself a glass of Merlot right off the bat).  When our server suggested the special I knew I had to have that as my dinner.  Mushroom ravioli in lobster sauce with giant prawns and fat chunks of lobster.


Untitled design (21)

This is after a few bites… the original presentation was much prettier.

Oh and for real people they started us off with complimentary bread that comes with bacon bourbon butter.  Bacon and butter combined!  Pinch me I’m dreaming!

Untitled design (22)


Back up to the room for some more cable T.V. and chill and devouring of chocolate cake.

Then for the main event of the evening.  The Snowed In Comedy show.  We got a little bit (stupidly) lost walking from the hotel to the lodge where the show was happening and it may have caused a little marital discussion… but all of that melted away as we sipped on boozy hot chocolate and laughed our butts off!

Untitled design (23)


I must admit I feared being near the front in case I was picked on by the comedian so I was quite pleased to be sitting just far enough away from the stage.

Untitled design (25)

The show ended early enough for us old folks to get to bed around midnight.

In the morning we had some time to swim in the pool and hang out in the outdoor hot tubs.  Such a treat before breakfast.

We hit up the buffet at Mantles for eggs and sausages and yogurt parfaits and these super yummy potatoes and roasted tomatoes.  Then headed home to pick up our kiddos.

And that kids is how I kicked ass in the gift department for Craig’s birthday this year.

Untitled design (24)

What are your favorite places to get away to?  Have you ever been to a comedy show? 

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