My New Year’s Intention for 2018

I heard about setting intentions for the new year, for the first time at the beginning of 2017.  My friend Hannah had written a really beautiful post about her intentions for self care and I was totally inspired.   Previous to that I had been in on the resolution and the word of the year buzz that happens as one year comes to a close and a new one begins.

I like the idea of setting intentions.  It doesn’t feel small and boxed in like a word or a resolution.  Intentions feel like something you declare, and then see how far you can grow and receive while perusing that idea.  

Last year my intention was to disappoint the people closest to me as little as possible.   Was I successful?  I believe so.  I know that I read more stories with my littlest kids, I dated and had coffee with my husband more, and I played more games with my bigger kids.

This summer while I was trapped in a 38ft tin can  on an epic motor home adventure with my family, I found myself recognizing (with a little help from my better half) that I was turning into crazy mom every morning.  In order to not ruin everyone else’s trip I needed to address the causes of this lunacy fast.

I am well aware that anger and frustration are often manifestations of fear, and fear is often a result of believing the lie of scarcity.  When we buy in to the myth that we are not enough and there is not enough out there for us, we tend to go a little (or a lot) off the rails because fear is driving our train.

Funnily enough one of my fears was my children having unhappy memories of this trip… so you know I thought I would remedy that by harping on them every morning about cleaning up their stuff.

I realized that my self talk and what I believed about my situation had to change.  I had to switch from; “My family is messy and nobody is going to help me.” to “We are a pretty great team and we know how to work well together.”

I am noticing that these gremlins of thought are creeping in more and more over the last little while, and I want to be really aware and on top of them.  Shutting them down before they become a song stuck in my head.

All of this brings me to my 2018 intention.  In 2018 I intend to BE calm.

Right now I imagine this to look like:

  • listening to my body to figure out what I really want/need.  Are my eyes heavy and asking for sleep?  Am I hungry?  Thirsty? Am I breathing or am I holding my breath?
  • examining fear to determine whether or not there is evidence for it or am I buying into a myth?  Am I letting perfectionist Sarah take the wheel?  What is the truth?
  • meditation and self compassion.

My hope is that I will be far less stressed and freaked out about life.  I want to take it in and enjoy the memories 2018 will have for me… you know without feeling like I have to control every moment in order to make all the happy, fun filled, shiny moments.

It’s time to stop carrying mountains and start climbing them.

Are you setting an intention for 2018?  I would love to hear about it!  Leave me a comment and tell me what your New Years Intentions are.

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  • Katie Stanley says:

    Thanks for this, Sarah! I was actually going to ask you if you had any other recommendations before you posted this, as one of my goals for 2018 is to read a book each month that encourages me to dig deep spiritually and emotionally, resolving issues I haven’t wanted to deal with. In February, I plan to read some of Brene Brown, because I heard about her through your Instagram.

    If you have any other recommendations, I’m happy to hear them!

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