Meet Sarah


I believe that you are the best, most qualified mom for your kids.

But I know you don’t always feel that way. ( I don’t always feel that way either).

It’s the truth though, you are.  And I am committed to coming along side moms (and sometimes dads too) to set up practices of self care and offer parenting tools that fit with your home and family life.

Hi I’m Sarah, I’m a certified positive discipline parent educator and parenting coach.

I offer simple self care and self kindness ideas to frazzled moms who want to make a change in how they show up for their family.

I also offer in person courses and weekend workshops.

I am a mom of four ages 1.5 to 12 and I have seen my own journey of parenting turn from acting out of fear to having the big picture goal be connection and mutual respect.

I have seen parents in my courses change from stressed to the max to guiding their children through calming breathing.

When we feel our best we do our best.  This is true of parents and children.

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