I Am For Human Rights

Today I am so glad I live in a country where for almost 10 years same-sex marriage has been legal.  I won’t pretend  to know that life is perfect for my LGBT brothers and sisters here in Canada, because the truth is I really have no idea what struggles remain in spite of our laws.

Our southern neighbors are deciding whether or not to impart these same freedoms on their citizens and the truth is I hope the supreme court comes back with a vote to allow same-sex marriage.

This decision isn’t just about being able to live together, people can do that already.  It isn’t about sex, people can do that already as well. It’s about being able to share in the rights and benefits that a legal spouse has with the one you love most.

Some of these rights and benefits include:

Being able to make emergency medical decisions for your spouse.

Having access to your spouses medical insurance.

Joint parenting rights.

Rights to make funeral and burial plans for a deceased spouse.

Could you imagine forfeiting the right to make a huge medical decision or plan a funeral for your life partner just because the government says you can’t sign a piece of paper that makes your relationship legal?

Love others as you love yourself.  To me that looks like lifting up the oppressed and sharing our privilege.

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