5 Steps to Keep Calm While Parenting

Fear… That’s what most often triggers a mommy melt down in my world. I’m betting that’s true in your world too. Parenting today comes with all sorts of built in fears. Fear of tantrums, fear of other people’s judgement, fear of not having control.

Fear doesn’t like to work alone, no ma’am that mean ole’ Fear wakes up Anger everytime he shows up and Anger is a grumpy one when her sleep is disturbed. so she unleashes all sorts of foul play.

One is a liar and the other is a jerk, but neither know that about themselves.

5 steps to keep calm while parentingThere’s something funny about our fear. It’s almost always something we’ve made up.

“If my kids don’t listen to me now, they’ll join a cult, wear only feather boas and sniff markers as a hobby.”

Possible?  I guess so.  Probable?  Uh no.

In fact most of our fears are backed by very little when it comes to solid proof and facts.

Fear is a terrible use of the imagination and it blocks our ability to think clearly and rationally.  Hence the freaky mommy episodes that ride shot gun when fear comes to visit.

When you are calm you can make parenting decisions that are much wiser and more loving.
Your relationship with your children is deepened because they are not filled with fear and you can better solve problems together. Calm creates an environment to find solutions, instead of finding blame.

Ever tried to just tell yourself to calm down?  It doesn’t work.

Your brain is a complicated creature.  It’s hard to break it out of the habit of stamping “adult asshole” all over the future of a misbehaving child.

It needs to be soothed (and possibly even tricked) in to realizing all is well.

Our brains require training to remember that calm is our optimum state and an acting out child is a child who is discouraged in some way.

A discouraged child is not a threat.  A discouraged child has a problem they need help solving.

So if you’re tired of losing it on a regular basis,  if you’re done with seeing the heartbreak in your child’s eyes after your mommy tantrums, and if you want to send fear to ride in the back of the bus…

I have a solution for you!

Here I have for you 5 steps that have changed the way I interact with my kids when their behavior (and sometimes mine) is on the brink of disaster. 5 Steps To Keep Calm While Parenting.  Just click the button below and I will send this powerful tool right to your inbox.

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