Don’t Underestimate 30 Minutes

I quite enjoy long relaxed visits, the kind that start with sipping tea on the couch in the afternoon and morph into a hodge podge supper shared with friends.  An evening of finding spaces for little ones to rest their heads for a few hours, until their parents finally pack them into the car to take them home to their own beds.

The time invested in such visits often creates deep connections and bonding memories.  You have time to converse about everything from your favorite new deodorant to how we can contribute to solving the worlds problems to our well hidden, vulnerable, thoughts and wishes.

Something a little out of the ordinary happened to me a couple of weeks ago however that may have put my long drawn out conversation theory to the test.

A friend invited me over for tea after my kids’ gymnastics class (this is not the unusual part).  After the invitation she realized that she had overbooked herself and would only have about 30 minutes to visit.

Normally I would probably just cancel our time together and try again another day.  Perhaps it was the universe intervening or the fact that this friend and I hadn’t spent much time together over the last little while, but we decided to have tea anyway in spite of our time restrictions.

now I know the magic that can happen in a half-hour cuppa with a friend

photo credit: Tea via photopin (license)

Knowing that we only had half an hour I pre-requested cinnamon heart tea and it was made ahead of time to that it would be the perfect drinking temperature.

Once we arrived all of the children were warned that this was a very short visit. Us moms headed to the kitchen and got down to business.

We skipped over small talk, ain’t nobody got time for that, and jumped right in to the nitty gritty of what was really going on in our lives.

The hardships and exhaustion since the last time we were together come spilling out.  Mixed in are the humorous embarrassments as well.  The quirky things kids say.  The confessions of things we said that we wish we hadn’t. 

In just 30 minutes we refreshed our relationship, got a little caffeine boost and I left feeling re-energized.

Perhaps there are a few lessons we can take from my experience:

  1. Don’t write something off because you don’t feel like there is enough time.  If we had rescheduled our tea date I would have missed out on soul feeding, relationship building, conversation.
  2. Make people a priority.  Connecting with others is totally worth it even if it’s in brief spurts.
  3. We only have a short amount of time anyway.  I want to strive to fill the here and there pockets with good things. Reading books, investing in those I love and cultivating joy.

I almost underestimated what could be accomplished in 30 minutes,  I thought it wasn’t long enough to accomplish enough, but now I know the magic that can happen in a half-hour cuppa with a friend.

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