Don’t Skip Valentine’s Day

We’ve all heard it before…

“Valentine’s Day is a holiday Hallmark made up.”

“The cost of roses triples on Valentine’s Day!”

 “My husband/wife knows I love him/her every other day of the year. I don’t need to make Valentine’s Day special.”

I seriously beg to differ here folks.  A quick Google search will tell you that Hallmark is not the inventor of Valentine’s Day, even if they are cashing in big time on the occasion.

Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, engaged couples and happy marriages (as well as bee keepers and epilepsy just to give you your trivia quota for the day) and that is truly exciting!

Let’s think of it this way.  There is a day set aside each year to celebrate love and happy marriages!  In a world where we are bombarded with terrible statistic about separation and divorce,  there is a day to remember that strong wonderful marriages exist and are worth celebrating,

If your excuse is the cost of Valentine’s Day… well I gotta say I think that’s pretty much a moot point.

There is a lot to be said for the gift of presence.  The gift of being vulnerable.

Plan to spend the evening with your beloved.  Look into his or her eyes and tell that person who holds your heart all sorts of reasons why you love them.

Then eat heart sprinkled donuts and watch Dirty Dancing (or a different romantic favorite that you might have).

Invest a little time and prep into a gift.  Read your honey’s favorite book and discuss it over muffins and lattes.

Write a love note.  It doesn’t have to be flowery and poetic.  It just has to be true and thoughtful.  (OK it should also not refer to things like squirrely grey hairs or a lack of house keeping skills).

Fresh baked cookies and a note in a lunch box can be the perfect way to let your spouse know that you are thrilled they are your Valentine.  Clean dishes and toilets also whisper (or in my case scream like a fangirl) “I LOVE YOU!

Creativity trumps cost my friend.  Being low on funds does not get you off the hook.

Simple moments can create the most wonderful memories.  It’s all about how you make the other person feel.  Humans are wired to remember feelings.

Don’t skip Valentine’s Day my friends! Celebrate the love!

What are your Valentine’s plans?

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  • Bonnie Way says:

    Thanks for the link, Sarah! I can be a bit anti-Valentine’s too but I agree with you that we need to celebrate our marriage with any chance we get. 🙂 Although I do get a bit Grinchish (to mix my metaphors) when I see KIDS and PETS doing Valentine’s. I do things for my hubby, not my kids. 🙂

  • My favourite Valentines was the first I celebrated with my hubby. He surprised me with flowers at work, and then with a freshly scrubbed bathtub filled with hot water and bath salts when I got home. I’m totally with ya, cleaning is the best valentines day present ever!! 🙂

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