Challenging Ideas to Get The Most Out of Your Journaling Practice Part 3

If you haven’t already then be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 of this series.

I only have one more journaling method to share with you and it is a fun and creative one!  Also Stay tuned because at the bottom of this post there’s a freebie!!!

Art Journaling

OK I’m willing to admit that I just didn’t take art journaling seriously when I first looked into it.  It just seemed a little too much like scrapbooking.  Glue, paint, markers, for a project that isn’t even necessarily pretty?  Who has time for that?

Now I know the purpose of art journaling is in the process.  

I use art journaling to help a new lesson or concept stick in my brain and bones.  This has been especially successful with intangible things like self compassion and loving others.

There are as many ways to art journal as there are humans on earth.  It’s all about mixing ideas that you want to remember with creativity.  This uses more senses of your body and digs deeper neural pathways to help what your learning sink really deep into your thoughts.

Here’s how I’ve been dabbling in art journaling:

When I come across an idea in a book or an e-course for example that I really want to implement in my life and be able to tell others about I pull out my book of unlined pages.

I start with a fresh page spread, two unused pages next to each other.  Sometimes I cover the pages with gesso to make them a little more sturdy and sometimes I just jump in with water colors and create a background.

I choose the colors based on how I want that page to feel when I look back on it later on.

Once the background is dry there are really endless possibilities when it comes to decorating the page.  I’ve used photos that jog my memory and remind me of the lesson portrayed on the page.  You could sketch or draw something.

I love words and handlettering so I’ve incorporated that into much of my work.

If you’re feeling extra brave you can break out the glitter.  EEK! (WARNING:  Glitter is not something I recommend or endorse.  Use at your own risk.)

Let your inner six year old out and play with all of those art supplies you have collecting dust in a closet somewhere.  It’s quite calming and meditative.

Now for the freebie!  If you have read all three journaling posts (even if you haven’t) and you want to have your own journaling practice I want to help you even more to jump in and get started.

I have a free journal prompts guide for you.  It stretches across the five journaling types I have covered in this series and it will give you some great challenging ideas to go deep into your practice.

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