3 Exercise Tips That Worked For Me (And 2 Things I Want to Tweak)

AAE Exercise

To read about The Attitude Adjustment Experiment and why I started it head on over to this post.

I’ve done it!  I have completed one week of exercising every day.  I did not intend for my workouts to be nearly as intense as they were and my butt muscles cause me to wince every time I move… but exercise is a habit I will continue.

Here’s what I did that worked well:

Set Up Some Accountability

I joined a weekly dance class (that has me totally wiped out by the end) and unless I am in bed with a fever and chills I will show up.  I do not want to get behind in this class.  Our teacher looks like this sweet teenage girl who might teach us some fun twirls.  But she’s really a hardcore, make your legs shake, leave you in a puddle of sweat at the end, expert at pushing just over the brink of what we think we can do.

It’s awesome.

Involved My Kids

When you let your kids in on your goal to exercise they will want to do it with you… and then you might do something crazy like sign up for Foam Fest with your 9 year old.  Since that’s exactly what I did I now have this fear of looking like a total wimp and not being able to successfully conquer the obstacles.  It has kept me super motivated to do a circuit work out (nearly) daily.  There was one day that I just couldn’t bring myself to do one more squat or push up and went for a walk instead.

Pool Selfie

Hudson and I after some “training” in the pool.

Moved It Outside

I tried to do most of my workouts outside.  Sunlight and fresh air are big factors in boosting your mood.  I also felt more energized being outside rather than being inside and trying to ignore the laundry on my couch.  Stepping away from the work of my home and treating my workout like a mini luxury was very helpful.

[bctt tweet=”Treating my workout like a mini luxury was very helpful.”]

There are a couple of things I would like to tweak about my exercise routines:

My Work Out Time

I really really want to work out in the morning, but I really really need that morning time for writing.  I guess that means my choices are get up earlier or carry on working out during nap time… or maybe I could do both.  A short round of cardio in the morning and a longer stretch of strength training after lunch during nap time.  We shall see people, we shall see.

Finding An Inside Space

Outside is really great right now, but winter’s coming and this mama does not like to be cold.  I am hoping my upstairs mom cave/ writing office is finished soon and I will be able to have some space there for keeping up with my fitness goals.  Fingers crossed.

How did this all affect my crappy attitude?   

After my workouts I often felt really great!  I was pumped that I made it through another tough sequence and my attitude was pretty positive.

A couple of extra grumpy slugs have sneaked in this week like sick kiddos and a lack of sleep so I often found myself in zombie mode.  This was somewhat discouraging, but I will persevere.  Not every week will be like this one.

[bctt tweet=” I will persevere. Not every week will be like this one.”]

Next week I  on to my next attitude adjustment habit… Eating Healthy

Leave me a comment.  Tell me how you stay inspired to work out.  What are your favorite healthy eating recipes that I can make next week?

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  • amette says:

    Well, at present my workouts have come to a grinding halt in favour of piano and voice practice and the start of my work year. BUT. I was doing pretty good from February to September! Sometimes I like to leave the workout until nap time so that I can watch silly TV (I try not to have the TV on when G is awake), but sometimes it’s nice to get it out of the way earlier so I can SHOWER before mid-day. And the boy also thinks it’s hilarious to watch me (plus, planks are harder when you have 24 pounds of wiggle crawling all over you!). So I guess I go for variety. If you need a treat that is on the healthy side, try these: http://www.primallyinspired.com/dark-chocolate-coconut-bites/ !

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