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Back in the “good ‘ole days” winter was a time when less needed to be done.  Most of the work preparing for the cold were done in the other 3 seasons.  The wood was gathered and chopped, the crops all harvested and the the food preserved.

Yes there were still chores.  Fires to be built, meals to cook, animals to feed, but it was a slower time.  A bit of a season of rest. (Perhaps I deserve to be smacked with Caroline Ingalls’ ladle for writing that, but I’m writing it anyway).

It seems our to do lists change little from season to season nowadays.  Our workloads and obligations remain a steady call away from a season of less.

Craig is a person who can enjoy nearly anything.  He talks about how pretty the snow is and the joy of watching our children sled. Then he asks me if I like winter.  I snort and raise my eyebrows and let out an emphatic “NO!”

Cold, snow and wet mittens are not my thing at all. ( I should probably work on my glass half empty attitude).

This winter I decided to make a change to the way we do seasons in our family.  Our gymnastics class came to an end in late November and our dance class ended in early December.  That left us with only piano classes on our agenda and a whole lot of wide open time.

There is a Danish concept called Hygge.  Basically it means intentionally doing things to make winter more enjoyable.  After the hustle and bustle of Christmas I am more than ready to do just that.

Sometimes it’s as simple as wearing wool socks because cold feet make me cranky.  Other times I have to force myself to read one of the long chapters of The Secret World of Og aloud to my children. (I’m always glad when I do).

I can down hot beverages like a boss, I’m all about sitting in front of my wood stove reading real paper books and I love me a soft cozy blanket to cozy up under.

Sharing pot roast and perogies with friends brings a spark of warmth to the long dark months.

Even going for a walk, outside, where it’s cold, is not so bad if it’s with someone you love.  Well someone you love who isn’t whining that their legs hurt and collapsing in the middle of the road to rest and then needing to be half carried half dragged back home.  (May or may not have been a real life experience).

I am slowly learning to not to be cheap on outdoor gear.  (Did I mention cold feet make me cranky?)

I’m thinking that just like embracing seasons of motherhood, I would like to start embracing the yearly seasons as well.  It’s not like I can stop the snow and subzero temperatures from coming any more than I can stop a four year old’s tantrums.  I can just better prepare for them.

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  • Oh, yes! Let’s embrace the seasons of motherhood as we learn how to find beauty in winter. This is beautiful, Sarah.
    So glad to be part of this lovely group!

  • Krina Ulmer says:

    Love it – Cold feet make me cranky enough to put on socks which is a huge thing for me.

  • Gayl Wright says:

    Those wool socks look so warm!!!! My feet get cold, too, and I hate cold feet. Maybe embracing each season is what we need to do, to appreciate each one for what they offer and being more prepared. Enjoyed your post, Sarah! Blessings!

  • Erika Shirk says:

    hmm, makes me wonder how I can apply that to all the seasons…motherhood especially. Those tantrums are just killer. sort of.

    I love the idea of Hygge. Thanks so much for sharing that, Sarah!

  • I agree with you! My dad was a farmer, and so we were still a bit bound by the seasons – in spring and fall I barely saw him, in summer he worked long days and might only be there for just a little while before I went to bed, but winter was when we were all together.

    I miss that sense of time being a little slower – it seems like there’s always ten million things to do no matter what season it is.

    I’d love to embrace the slowdown, too – and I’d recommend SmartWool for good wool socks that last forever and are worth the splurge!

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