Why I’m Not Inviting You Over This Week.

So on Monday I posted “How To Make Friends in Your 30’s and Beyond.” One of my tips was to get over yourself and your house and invite people over.  Yesterday I was knocked down a peg or two.

You see I’m working on developing this habit where I work for 25 minutes then take an exercise break.  Yesterday started out fantastically for this.  I was up an hour before my children’s alarm and that would allow me to get in two 25 minute stints of work and two five minute exercise breaks.

I sat down to write, mentally high fiving myself and maybe doing a smug little head grove, because today I had it together.

Wrote my #wholemama post in the first 25 minutes and then headed outside to jog up and down my long steep driveway once or twice.  That’s when I spotted this fella.

skunkLike any good blogger  blogess  online story teller, I ran to grab my camera.  After snapping this photo I thought to myself “I better make some noise and try to scare this creature away.”

I started shouting and jumping all around to appear dangerous and threatening.  The little stinker (pun intended) was not buying any of it and ran right at me.

Now the details of this part of the story are a little fuzzy, but somehow the dog ended up outside with the skunk and I was safely inside.  Then this happened.

skunk 2

And before I knew it my darling, beloved, family pet was back in the house rolling around and rubbing himself on my shag area rug.  I will give you a moment to gag or giggle or have any other reaction that you might be having to my misfortune.

I thought I had the smell handled with a whole lot of cinnamon and vanilla simmering on the stove and some baking soda and scented oils scattered around the house.  It turns out that I had just gotten used to the smell,  (only God knows how) because when Craig got home he was groaning and complaining about the terrible stink.  Not being able to handle the odor and being an expert problem solver, my darling husband headed to the corner store to try and buy some air fresheners.

No such luck.  He came home with a bottle of Pinesol, forgetting that I, the love of his life, HATE the smell of fake pine.

It is now more than 48 hours later and my house still has that “natural” stench and the fake pine nastiness clinging to it.  I do not wish to push this plight on anyone else.

So that my dear friends (old and new) is why I will not be inviting you over this week.  Also if you have any experience with getting rid of skunk smell please let me know!


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