What I Learned In May

Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky (isn’t that just a beautiful word picture of prayer by the way?) hosts a monthly link up to share what we have learned during the past month.  I am excited to join today.

What I Learned in May

Photo Credit: John Bowers

May is my birthday month and I love my birthday… and I am not at all opposed to celebrating my birthday for a whole week with various groups of people. Birthday week is AWESOME!

One of my goals is to continually improve my photography skills so I have been taking an only course through Craftsy called Creative Photography: Capturing Life Differently, with George Lange.  I have gleaned so many great tips and ideas from this course.  More on that another day though.


My favorite photos inspired by the photography course

My favorite photos inspired by the photography course

If you post a great photo of your kid riding his bike, without his helmet, people on Facebook will think you are a bad mom.  (Note: He regularly wears his helmet. He just had it off for the purposes of taking photos.  He was riding sloooowly.)

Summer time pajamas make me happy… seriously my bedtime wardrobe for the summer is usually a t-shirt and a pair of comfy shorts (or dare I admit Craig’s boxers). Recently I splurged and bout myself some pretty summer top and bottoms jammies.  They make me feel cute and they are so comfy.

Now that both of my girls are old enough for Polly Pockets  I have a little more free time on my hands.  For that I say bless you Mattel.

Polly Pocket

I need to pack water and extra food for my children when we go to the park… otherwise they mooch off of our generous friends and I am embarrassed.

I need to get over my embarrassment of being the recipient of my friends’ generosity.

Selling 50/50 tickets is my hidden talent.  Seriously I pretty much rock at it. And as I mentioned I hang out with some ridiculously generous people.


Leave a comment and let me know what you learned in May!

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