What I Hope I Learned This Morning…

This morning as I sat writing in the kitchen…my family abuzz all around me…Delaney wanting her Hudson to play with her… but Hudson had chores to do.

Now I have read a thousand magazine articles and blog posts that say… “Let your toddler help you around the house.” ¬†Or some other version of that advice… only occasionally do I ever decide (or remember) to follow it… because honestly I just don’t want to…

Gentle sweet Hudson, this morning he let Delaney help him with all of his chores… Delaney proudly brought me one of the eggs from the chicken coop… I watched Hudson teach her how to dry a colander… and handed her a wet cloth so she could wipe the counters along side him.

I guarantee you the boy has never read any parenting advice… and oh how I ache to have the patience he has… to have the desire to come along side and not worry about the mistakes of little hands and the time it is wasting… How I hope I have learned the lesson that spending the time letting my tiny girl help me is far more precious than any time saved by shooing her away.

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