Top 10 Posts of 2016

Just in case you missed something really great I’m listing the top 10 most popular posts of 2016 (according to page views on Google Analytics).  Thank you for coming around, reading what I wrote and sharing it with your friends.  I truly appreciate that people interact with my work.

I hope you enjoy looking back at our year together.

But She’s Done Now

There’s something about having baby number four that makes plenty of people around me uncomfortable.

I’m A Risky Mama

I got in a wee bit of trouble at the library recently.  You see I’m the kind of mom who lets her children take risks while we’re out in public.

13 Things I’ve Learned in 13 Years of Marriage

How is it that thirteen years have gone by since I became Mrs. Scott?  It seems like it was a year ago just as much as it seems like it always was.

Why I’m Thrilled to Not Have My Ducks In a Row

Three things happened to me last week that were markers of success in my life.  Other people wouldn’t have taken note of these three things or if they did, pay them much attention.

Why Perfect Is Not The Goal

Changing something about your life is a big deal.  You might not nail it the first time you try.  In fact you may never be perfect at this thing you want.  That’s a good thing!

Christmas Morning Present Game For Kids

Holidays with families are about growing relationships, not creating a canyon sized generation gap. 

Mom came up with a plan.  It’s a bit of a present game.  Only there’s no stealing and the kids have to do a little task to win their present from Grandma and Grandpa.

The One Self-Care Tool That’s Rocking My World

In the past I have not been successful in having consistent daily time for myself.  Sure I would become stressed and feel frazzled and out of control at times and retreat to my room with the door closed loudly proclaiming that I was “Done with today!  Everybody leave me alone!!!”

What I Learned Playing The Minimalism Game

Sometimes I feel like my house is just is just so lovely and decluttered.  The cupboards are nearly bare and the drawers are so easy to navigate through.  I rarely have trouble finding things anymore.  And all of my surfaces are wide open with nothing on them.

And then I wake up.

What I Learned About Grief From a Chicken

Petronella’s foot was injured in a chicken tractor accident.  Around here the protocol for any injured or sick bird is to separate them from the rest of the flock and make them as comfortable as possible.  Usually they pass on in a day or two.

How I’m Getting Rid Of Comparison in My Marriage

I’ve noticed that when a husband steps into a role that is traditionally held by the wife he is praised to the high heavens.  He’s deemed a hero and the wife is labelled lucky.

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