The Screen Sabbath Experiment…

I have been inspired… and I want the same thing that inspired me to inspire you… last night… in the too late hours… when I should have been sleeping… I was reading over at The Art Of Simple where Tsh posted about taking a screen sabbath.

On our recent trip to Vancouver I shut off my phone until my kiddos were in bed… the urge to reach out to check Facebook or check my emails was pretty tough to ignore … but I did it… and it was totally worth it.

24 whole hours with no screens… no lap tops, smart phones, television, iPad… sounds like painful torture doesn’t it?

I wanna do it… but I need a plan…

Date: Sunday March 23 2014

Screen free activities:

  • Head to a park in town (with snacks or a picnic lunch)
  • Work on a puzzle 
  • Read stories
  • Make up our own stories
  • Create art master pieces
I think really the key here is snacks… snacks make people happy đŸ™‚
I hope to make screen sabbaths a Scott family tradition… but baby steps my friends… baby steps.
Wanna join me? Heck if your local and the weather holds out maybe we could head to a park together… or come on over and our kiddos can get into some fun (and probably messy) art projects.
What ideas do you have for going screen free?


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  • Anonymous says:

    Great idea! Doing crafts, baking, hiking, and board or card games are always fun offline things too. Or “Mad Libs”….or playing catch….. All those old fashioned things we used to do when we were kids and computers were pretty boring.

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