The Gravy Dance

THE gravy dance

Traditions.  They usually revolve around holidays or food.  I’ve heard of the pickle in the Christmas Tree, special recipes that get handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter and we are all familiar with something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue for a bride.

We don’t always know why we do things.  Sometimes it all just boils down to tradition.

There is a famous story in my family.  It’s often told by my grandmother around holiday dinners.  It goes like this;

One night, when I was a little girl, my mom was making supper, and I was insistent that in order to make the gravy correctly she needed to do the gravy dance.

My mother, having no idea what the heck I was talking about, phoned my grandma.

Mom: Mom?  What’s a gravy dance?

Grandma: A gravy dance?

Mom: Ya, Sarah says I need to make the gravy like you and do the gravy dance.

Grandma: I don’t know what a gravy dance is.

So both mom and grandma had a mystery on their hands.  What on earth could the gravy dance be?

Then my grandma had a light bulb moment…

Let me pause the story a here for a moment and tell you a little bit about my grandma.  My grandma is probably the most soulful and spiritual person I know.  She is generous to a fault and she has a gift for comforting people during difficult times.

great grandma snuggles

Baby Delaney soaking up some snuggles with my grandma.

She is also extremely spontaneous and silly.  One time she put a basket on her head at the dollar store and strutted up and down the aisle like a model on a catwalk.  When she put the basket back on the shelf the price tag was still stuck to her head and nobody could tell her because we were all laughing too hard.

Now back to the story…

After thinking for a bit, grandma remembered breaking into one of her silly antics while I was staying with her.  While shaking the flour and water for gravy in a mason jar (with a lid) she decided to hop and bop around the kitchen hooting and singing about doing the gravy dance.

There is also a song that accompanies this dance.  The lyrics are highly sophisticated.

“Oh I’m doing the gravy dance! Ya ya the gravy dance…”

Thus a tradition was born.  In our house we don’t make gravy the old fashioned way (what ever that is).  We take turns doing the gravy dance passing the jar around to who ever wants to shake it and their groove thang.

The gravy dance fills my kitchen with laughter, memories of my own childhood and I like to think that our gravy tastes a extra special too. (The secret ingredient is fun?)

What traditions have you passed down to your children? 

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photo credit: gravy via photopin (license)

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