Stress-Buster: Why Busting Stress is Important



Stress… the word alone can cause my jaw to clench and my neck and shoulder muscles to tighten.  My own stress is kind of ridiculous really. Most of it comes from what I think other people are thinking about me (which is probably not true anyway) and the other part comes not taking care of myself.  I often neglect to eat nourishing foods, exercise regularly and take intentional periods of rest.  I want to bust these stressful habits and create relaxing, joyful habits that will keep my cortisol at bay.

Cortisol is the stress hormone. The good functions of cortisol at normal levels are that it helps regulate blood pressure and insulin levels.  It aids our metabolism and it’s necessary for things like our flight or fight response when we are in danger.

When cortisol levels are steadily high your body can be pretty our of sync,  blood pressure increases, your immune system is suppressed and your ability to think straight is hindered.  In extreme cases you adrenal glands can become exhausted and burn out.

In a nutshell cortisol is awesome for triggering our adrenaline when we are being chased by a rampaging polar bear.  Not so necessary for a messy house, or an over scheduled week.

When my children are grown and possibly raising families of their own, I want them to remember how much fun we had and how loved they are, not the way their mother looked when she was about to lose it over scattered Lego.

Scattered Lego

As the song goes: “We’re here for a good time. Not a long time.” So I’m going to do my best to eliminate my stressful thinking, create some healthy practices for dealing with

A little while back I asked some of my fellow mom bloggers how they deal with stress and they had some pretty fantastic ideas.  Over the coming weeks I plan to explore some of these stress busting strategies further and introduce some different ones here on the blog.  

Feel free to chime in with your tips advice and experiences.



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