Simple On Purpose: Homeschooling and the Simple Life.

Simple on Purpose


My friend Melissa left a comment on my Blog Launch Giveaway post yesterday.  In it she wrote: “I would love to hear about how you fit homeschool into a simpler more purposeful life.”

The truth of the matter is homeschooling is a big part of things being simpler and more purposeful around here.

A little while ago I created a personal purpose statement:

My purpose is to love God. Be kind to others. Nurture creativity in myself. Connect deeply with the people close to me.

Purpose statement

These are also the things I want for my kids.  I hope that they will develop their own sense of purpose in their lives as they grow, but until then I think the things I have outlined above are a good place to start.

Now how does this all fit with homeschooling and simple living?  Good question.

I am sure all of our goals could be accomplished if my children attended traditional school. We would still love God. We could still be kind to others, be creative and forge deep connections. Most of those things just wouldn’t be the bulk of our day.  We would have to fit in the way we actually want to live around the school schedule.  Having them at home enforces our purposeful living.  We get to practice being kind to each other and since there are few people closer to me than those that I grew in my own body, I get to connect deeply with them frequently.  And let me tell you nothing calls me to be creative like being my kids mom.

We also use this statement to help us make decisions so we can say yes to the things that are the best for us and no to the rest.

Is it simpler this way? With any choice there are pros and cons.

My house is very lived in, but because I try to keep toys and clothes to a minimum we can often tidy up relatively quickly.  The toys we treasure are open ended imaginative things like play silks, wooden blocks and stuffed animals.  The truth is my kids are quite happy playing with boxes and sticks instead of their toys so less really is more when it comes to that.

Our school room is usually a disaster and we are working on that.  Everything is a process right?  We regularly purge books and resort to borrowing  from friends or the library.  Cube shelves are my saving grace… You might not be able to tell but they are organized by subject.

School Room

The school room…


We have a flexible schedule in place to keep us all on track.  Most days it’s math, Learning Journal and novel study.  On Fridays we have art day! And there are various sports and classes throughout the week.  I’ll tell you a little secret.  The majority of our school day is usually over by lunch time… shhh.

Homeschooling is a big part of how we live simply and purposefully.  It allows us to take advantage of the daily gifts we are offered.  A sunny afternoon to read on the deck.  Time to compose a beautiful song swirling in a little mind.  Occasions to practice problem solving with siblings.  I hope we will always choose to truly embrace these things.

Anything else you’re really curious about how we homeschool? Leave me your questions in the comments!


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