Saturday Mornings

My Saturday mornings generally aren’t on Saturdays… because of Craig’s work schedule Saturday mornings around here are every other Wednesday.

I love the morning of Craig’s first day off.  Regular things still happen… school work, chores, noise… but I join the common chaos a little later than usual.  After everyone has been fed and just maybe the dishwasher has been unloaded from the night before.

Sometimes I call Craig back to bed for a few extra moments of extracting his body heat with my frozen feet, before I peel back my warm covers and join the rest of my family in the world of awake that lays just beyond my bedroom door.

Often there is coffee waiting for me when I emerge, and everybody knows that coffee made lovingly, by someone who knows just how you like it, is a decadent treat to savor.

We try really hard to have nothing planned for that first Wednesday.  It’s not always possible, but when it is the luxury of having a whole day to spend together makes me giddy.

Sigh Saturday Mornings… no matter what day you happen… I adore you.

Do you have Saturday morning rituals?  What do you love about the first day off in your week?

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