One Simple Way To Eat More Vegetables

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Curse you Halloween candy and your wretched influence on my will power!  If I’ve learned anything this week it’s that junk food makes me feel like crap.  True this fact isn’t exactly a secret for the world… but learn from my mistakes and slowly toss your kid’s bag of loot before the grumpies set up permanent residence in your home.

My attitude adjustment experiment was put on hold for a little bit.  But now I am back on track.  If you missed the post on exercise you can find it here.

On to phase two of my diabolical plan to take over my mood and force more joy upon it.  Bwahahahaha!  (Perhaps that candy is causing me to be a little spooky as well?)

Anyway as I was saying on to phase 2.  Eating healthier.  My goal for this was not to go Paleo or Whole 30 or any other complete diet make over.  My goal is simple, eat more vegetables and fruit.

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The very best tip I found for eating more plant matter instead of bad carbs came from Christine over at Whine and Cheese

“My BFF told me that every day before she eats a meal she has a big plate of veggies. This way she fills up on good, fibre rich foods, gets rid of the immediate gnawing hunger which then helps with portion control.”

Seems simple enough, so I tried it.  Folks it works!  More veggies in meant there was less room to stuff myself with pasta or mashed potatoes.  I still had some, just a smaller amount.

Here’s what I noticed while upping my intake of carrots and celery (and peppers and apples and cherry tomatoes… you get the idea)

  • My energy level went up.  I was way less tired during the day.  Less tired= Less cranky… WIN!!
  • I felt better.  It was like a general all over feeling of being more well.
  • It was a creativity boost.  My thoughts were clearer.  I had more ideas.
  • TMI alert!! No more constipation.  If it’s tough to poop, it’s tough to be happy.
[bctt tweet=”If it’s tough to poop, it’s tough to be happy. “]

Help me out.  How do you get your veggies in?  Any favorite recipes for vegetable loaded dishes?  What are your favorite fruits? 

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