One Awesome Way To Celebrate a Birthday

One Awesome Way To Celebrate a Birthday

I love my birthday!  I love that there is one day a year when folks are like… let’s celebrate you just because you were born and we’re so happy that you are on this earth.  That’s all I had to do to be able to eat cake and get presents is just be alive. (And to be perfectly honest I didn’t really do all that much work to get here, my mom did it for me).

In a few days short of a month I will be embarking on my 34th trip around the sun.  For the 34th time, people will sing to me, I will blow out some candles, and I will indulge in a bunch of my favorite things with some of my favorite people.  (Due to my current state of being pregnant I will not be indulging in my favorite red wine this year, but that’s ok… I’m sure I’ll get over it… or I’ll compensate by eating a third piece of cake).

I am an extremely privileged mama to be able to partake in such pampering festivities.

But the truth is I’m turning 34.  There isn’t really a whole lot I want/need for my birthday.  (I mean there’s chocolate.  There’s always chocolate). Seriously though I am really content with what I already have.

Here I am with this incredible day all for me in which I will be applauded for no other reason than I am alive.  So I am choosing to use the gift of my birthday to help solve a very serious world problem.

I am asking you  my wonderful blog readers friends and family to donate to Charity Water in honor of my birthday.

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Why Charity Water? Let me tell you. With Charity Water, 100% of each donation goes to providing clean water to communities that need it. Clean water is a basic human right and I don’t believe we can in good conscience ignore that there are plenty of folks who don’t have access to it.

While I’m sitting here bemoaning my lack of wine, there are mothers and children who are walking 4 hours a day or more to access water that is filthy, to wash and cook with and drink.  About 1400 children die of sickness from these unsafe water sources every day.

The water in our toilets is cleaner than the water these people have access to.

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Here’s how we can help.

  1. Donate to Charity Water. Just click that link to the left or the button below and give what you can.  If everyone who reads this blog donated just $5USD we would be able to provide clean water for 16 people.  (By all means donate more if you feel the urge!)
  2. Share this blog post via social media.  There are buttons at the bottom of this post to make this easy for you.
  3. Start your own birthday campaign.  It’s super easy and the more people invited to the party the merrier.

At the end of this fundraiser, Charity Water will send photos and GPS coordinates for the exact community we helped.

What do you say?  Will you help me celebrate my birthday and give to Charity Water?

Click Here to Donate To Charity Water

Photo source: Charity Water Facebook page.

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