Oh The Thoughts That We Think


Have you ever tried to just sit with your thoughts?  I mean like no distractions, phone in another room, children all in bed, sit with your thoughts.  When was the last time?

I for one find this practice extremely daunting and difficult.  Give me a book or better yet a whole internet full of other peoples thoughts and I am a happy clam.  Plunk me into silence with nothing to think about except what I’m thinking about and I just might go crazy.

I like to know that I am somewhere on the spectrum of normal.  The unanswered question of “Do other people think this way as well?” is rather unnerving.  I mean really who am I going to ask?  Maybe the anonymous internet… maybe.

My imagination gets the best of me at times with even asking cyber space what it thinks of my thoughts though.

Dear People of the Internet,

When you are having deep creative thoughts and you fart… do you say excuse me?  Do you carry on with your deep thoughts or was the interruption enough to stop the flow and now you are giggling a little under your breath?

Do you think that these leggings are what Jen Hatmaker talked about in her leggings are not pants essay?  I kinda think I’m rocking them as pants, but I can’t see my own butt, so help me out a little would ya?

Ok internet people let’s get a little more ahem personal.  Can you see my mustache too much?  Is it a little too fuzzy and time to wax again or do you think I could get away with it for another week?

Thanks for your input.



Do you see what I’m talking about here friends?  For real, are these crazy thoughts or do you all have them too and we just don’t share them enough?

Let me tell you about another crazy thought that I had, and it’s actually turning into something I’m really excited about and proud of.


The Intentional Living Project is a mini e-course that I have in the works right now and I am set to launch October 5 2015.  Inside there is a 20+ page work book, a series of videos (that I will, eek, share some of my thoughts in) and access to a Facebook group that we can encourage and share our victories in.  I hope you’ll join me as we pursue out of the box, road less traveled, intentional living.

Also if you are an email subscriber I will be sending out all sorts of great goodies over the next few weeks like previews and discounts, so make sure you sign up below!

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  • twyla says:

    Most people don’t like themselves enough to hang out with them. It’s in the silence we face the dark parts of ourselves, too, and have to make the deeper decision to love that me.

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