It’s Never Too Late To Learn Something New

While my kids were playing indoor soccer last week I zipped into the library to pick up some books I had on hold.  I took my arm full of reading materials to the check out counter.  Ahead of me in line was an older lady who was leaning over the counter asking “Where can I find books about the playing the ukulele?”

The librarian proceeded to tell this lady about The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing the Ukulele .  An interested older gentleman who was busy listening to this conversation (just like I was) asked the lady “What makes you interested in playing the Ukulele?

Her reply fascinated me.  “I was on a cruise and I heard someone playing and I just loved the sound.”

I have no idea what sort of self doubting she had to battle to walk into the library and ask for help.  I don’t know if she had to convince herself more than once that she could learn to make this joyful noise.  But I am quite sure she didn’t anticipate that she would be teaching me, a mid-thirties, homeschooling mom of 4, with all sorts of feelings about living life to the fullest, a lesson that day.

It is never too late to learn something new.  In fact probably the only person who thinks you are too ______ (old, uncoordinated, weak, messy) is you.

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with “I’m not enough” syndrome.  I also battle it’s bitchy sister “I’m too much” syndrome.

But this lady at the library did not make any excuses for the learning she wanted to do.  There was no “I probably won’t understand the instructions but I bought a ukulele and if I don’t try then I’ve wasted my money.  Nobody will want to listen to me play anyway.”  There was not a hint of Eeyore in her demeanor.

She boldly said “I need something very basic because I am a beginner.”  How brave is that to admit to a total stranger and some nosy eavesdroppers that she is a beginner!  Trying something new!

Holy smokes people I am inspired!

I am a recovering excuse maker.  In the past I have blamed my inaction on having four kids, a cluttered house, being in my mid 30’s, living out of town, failing at something before so I don’t want to try again and many other things

I don’t want to let these things that I know I am able to work around or embrace and work with dictate what I do and don’t do with my life.

I have a 100 dreams list and honestly I have ignored the list for months, but when I looked back on it not too long ago I saw that I could actually check off some of the things on there.  And I have plans in the works for some of the other things.

It must be true that there is a little bit of magic in writing things down.

Thanks lady at the library for unknowingly motivating me to go back to my 100 dreams.  I’m ready to create a new list with some things from my old list transferred over.

Sparks are flying in my brain with big and small ideas of what I want to do and the areas of my life that I want to make changes and be brave in.

I will be sending out a printable in the newsletter on Wednesday to help us all make our lists and start or restart dreaming again.

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Leave me a comment and tell me what are some of the things that will go on your 100 dreams list?

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  • Randi Leanne says:

    Sarah, I love this post! I too am in recovery for excuse making and all to often I fall back into old habits and patterns of thinking. Often = daily. It’s a work-in-progress though and I’m okay to admit that. I have many dreams, too many to count. It overwhelms my spouse: he says “can’t you just pick one?”. This kind of question hurts but there’s some value in it. I want everything. I just only work at things half ass. So, I’ve got a lot of work to do! But, to share some of my dream list with you, here’s a glimpse:

    To paint – and have wall at an art gallery.

    To sing in front a crowd, just once.

    To be a published writer, all kinds of works! Children’s stories, autobiography, novel, self-help – and my favourite: my very own nursing theory to be used in nursing schools.

    To exercise everyday. Hah!

    To actually start meditating.

    To be a yoga instructor.

    To entirely change the way children protective services are delivered. At the government level!

    The list honestly could go on and on!

    I’m looking forward to your newsletter on Wednesday. XO

  • Kari says:

    I love seeing older people still striving to learn and grow… so inspiring! Maybe that will be part of my list… trying something new for each year of life.

  • Ronda says:

    Yes yes yes !!! I love this post . I am also recovering from being an “ excuse maker”. I finally get it , that I AM ENOUGH. I can do all these things that I have told myself I am not smart enough to do. I recently started knitting, after all this time telling myself I could never calm my mind enough to learn it, well…..I have ! My next to-do is learn how to play guitar … my husband is an avid player and he makes it look effortless and fun.
    Thanks for passing on your inspiration dear lady!

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