Networking is Fun! …Or It Really Is a Small World After All

The coolest thing happened to me yesterday.  A friend of mine introduced me (via Facebook messager) to Shawna over at Dovetail Blog.  I tell you it was a networking dream come true.  Shawna introduced me to the West Coast Parent Bloggers group on Facebook (more networking…).

I have  been scouring her blog for the secrets of her success… and drooling over the pretty colors she has going on over there.

The strangest part though is that we both lived in the same tiny town and didn’t know each other.  We have since both moved away from Vanderhoof… but I still thought that was pretty cool.

The moral of this story… if you have a couple of pals who seem to have some very similar interests… introduce them!  In this age of social media we can all be friends.

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