How to Go On Simple Adventures Like a Pro

How to Go On Simple Adventures Like a Pro

This week I am entering the second trimester with baby number four.  Our little bundle of surprise.  For the first time ever during pregnancy, I am cautiously optimistic that I will not be barfing my guts out until week 41 (all of my other babies were late to their own birthdays).

Because I expected to be laying around on my couch moaning and having peppermint tea delivered to me, and now I’m feeling actually not too bad, I’m a bit bored.  My soul is crying out for adventure!  But my brain is quick to remind me that the rest of me still cries out for bed at 8pm.  I do not want to over do it.

Simple adventures.  They’re the sort of explorations that don’t take you far from home (or maybe not even away from home at all), but they feed your heart and stir your spirit to life.  They whisper “your time was not wasted.  You’ve made a beautiful memory.”

Sometimes they are choices made on a whim.

Spending the day down by the creek reading a book and doling out snacks while your kiddos splash in the water and investigate critters.  Spreading wildflower seeds on a section of the yard to create a bee and butterfly garden.

Easy stuff that doesn’t take very much planning at all.

Other times these simple adventures are planned.  Things marked on your calendar or waiting to be checked off your list of 100 dreams.  Eating beef bourguignon in a new restaurant while “solving the world problems” and admitting your deep flaws to a trusted friend.  Finding the supplies you need to create a project you’ve been imagining  for a while now.  Little things that you just haven’t gotten around to yet.

Here’s my strategy for having simple daily adventures (well nearly daily, let’s leave ourselves some room for grace shall we?)

  • Get out of my house.  This might sound a bit weird considering I live on a mountain with a creek running through the backyard, but I’m not very outdoorsy.  Just stepping out my door and soaking up some sunshine while breathing in the fresh country air is a mood booster and I will plan to take full advantage of that.
  • Make happy memories, not grand plans.  I have three kids.  Often the elaborately planned, Pinterest perfect events I have in my head just don’t turn out the way I imagine them.  Blunders will happen and that’s OK.  As a very cool local art studio tells it’s students “mistakes are no big deal.”
  • Allow myself to dream. Just sit back and brainstorm all of the “I could’s” I can come up with.  Maybe I’ll do everything I come up with and maybe I’ll do none of them.  Chances are I will be inspired and at least do something.
  • Remember snacks.  As a stay at home/ homeschool mama, it is rare that I will venture on my own.  Crabby co-pilots make me crabby.  We are a family of hangry individuals so snacks and drinks are a must.
  • Keep it small. I will be ready to cut an activity short if I need to.  It’s better to end the fun on a happy note.

How about you?  Are you having any simple adventures?  What are your tips and ideas for little explorations?

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