Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and a bunch of other profound bloggers for:

Five Minute Friday

or·di·nar·y /ˈôrdnˌerē/ Adjective With no special or distinctive features; normal.
I do not come from ordinary stock… my family is a rare and special breed of humans… we are quirky… funny… loud… and flawed.
As a teenager I hoped to marry into a “normal” family… Ordinary… no quirks… no flaws… and for years I believed I’d accomplished that… My inlaws are calm… gentle… thoughtful people.
 But I am so happy to discover that they are not without quirks… or flaws… because if they were they would be so much harder to love… My heart would struggle to be tender toward ordinary… perfect people.
My spirit would not relate… and so I embrace the extraordinary.


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