Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…

Did I Ever Tell You About The Time...

Did I ever tell you about the time Craig and I went on our first date?  It was not a typical romantic evening out, trust me.  To start off, my family joined us.  Yup, that’s right!  My mom, her boyfriend at the time, my grandparents (I know right!) and my little sister all accompanied Craig and I to play laser tag.  Together… all of us… on a date.

Cute little 17-year-old me with my entourage of relatives trying to impress a guy.  I mean laser tag vest are totally hot stuff don’t you think?  Never mind the fact that my mom’s boyfriend (a rather scary looking dude with a big bushy beard and an outfit consisting of a too small t-shirt and sweatpants hiked up to his armpits) kept referring to Craig as Mr. Kaka pants.  (We’re a classy people).

Into the black light maze, the 7 of us head.  In spite of my lack of video game skills and athletic competence, I wasn’t doing too bad.  Until I came around a dark corner and BLAM!  Suddenly I’m hit in the face with the butt of Craig’s gun.  That promptly ended any fun I was having shooting my friends and relatives with a wee, zippy light.

photo credit: laser tag via photopin (license)

photo credit: laser tag via photopin (license)

I’m pretty sure Craig won the game.  There is rarely a game we play that Craig doesn’t win and I probably should have seen this victory as a foreshadowing of what was to come.

The date doesn’t end there, however.  Oh no.  After bidding my family adieu, Craig and I carried on the evening and headed to Starbucksicon.  Apparently my family members are hard people to shake because lo and behold my other sister just happened to walk into the coffee shop with her boyfriend.  Of course we all had to share a table, it would have been rude not to right?

In an attempt to appear awesome I ordered myself a triple espresso mocha.  I was NOT a coffee drinker back in the day and that beverage had a rare and not so attractive effect on me.  I found myself chattering like Alvin from the chipmunks, spilling coffee on my sister’s boyfriend (who happened to be wearing white jeans) and making a general nuisance of myself.

Yet the night doesn’t end there either my friends.  Upon leaving Starbucks we decide to rent a movie (you know back in the days of video stores and such).  DVD in hand we drove back to Craig’s dad’s house and awkwardly planted ourselves on the couch.  Everything was going pretty well at this point (my mega caffeine buzz was wearing off).

Then Craig’s sisters came home.  For some insane reason, that present day Sarah can not comprehend, I was terrified of my now sister in laws.  I don’t know what I thought they were going to do, but I pretty much demanded that Craig drive me home that instant.

So he did.

There must have been something endearing about my quirky, hyper, paranoid, personality because we continued to hang out after that and we’ve been together nearly 16 years now.

I assure you in that time I have learned how to drink coffee like a pro and my sister in laws are lovely people.

But I have never been back to test my laser tag skills ever again.

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