3 Simple Techniques for Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writing… it can be a thrilling experience… when the words are flowing from your brain to your rapidly click clacking finger tips on the laptop keyboard.  Your inner cheerleader is shaking her pom poms shouting “Yes! This is really good stuff! Keep going!”

Writing… it can also be a major bummer… when the words aren’t flowing… or they flow,  but they are all CRAP!

Here are some simple ways to bust down that writer’s block and get your creative mojo back:

Find another art

I’m not suggesting that you pack it in and quit writing… just find a different art for an hour or so.
  • Grab your camera and head outside to snap a few photos
  • Sketch your sleeping dog
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Organize a drawer
  • Crochet a coffee cozy

Art doesn’t have to be something you will display for the world.  It can be as simple as cleaning your bathroom sink so that it makes you smile the next time you brush your teeth.

Don’t let your pencil leave your paper for 10 minutes

I was listening to The Sunday Edition on CBC radio and Michael Enright was interviewing Wally Lamb. They just happened to be talking about the craft of writing.  Lamb has not one but two books (I Know This Much is True and She’s Come Undone) that were chosen by Oprah Winfrey to be part of her book club… so when he started doling out writing tips on the radio I was all ears.  One of the things he said was that when his writing students would come to him and say “I don’t know what to write” he would tell them to just start writing and not let their pencil leave the paper for 10 minutes.  So you just write:
Today is boring.  The dog is drinking water right now. I wish I had something yummy to snack on…
Eventually you stop writing the meaningless garbage stuff and your brain comes up with something decent.

Read someone else’s work

I didn’t say copy someone else’s work… but ideas are born from ideas. And sometimes it’s a good idea to use someone else’s thoughts to springboard off of.  How do you think bucket lists became popular? It’s ok to come up with your own list or weigh in on another writer’s piece.
 What are your tips for getting over writer’s block?  How do you get your creative juices flowing?

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