3 Meaningful Ways to Welcome The New Year

When I was a little girl, my family had a tradition of chasing the old year out the back door and the new year in the front door, when the clock chimed midnight.  The neighbors must have thought we were crazy, running around the outside of my great grandma’s house, yelling and hooting and banging pots and pans.  Or maybe they envied the fun we were having.  Either way the shenanigan is vivid in my memory.

I get a little thrill when I think about a fresh new year ahead of me.  It’s like opening an empty notebook to the first page and inking it all up.  Putting your mark on it but never really knowing what the rest of the pages will contain.  

Here are some low key, but meaningful ways to welcome 2015.

3 Meaningful Ways to Welcome The New Year:

Look Back

Carve out a some quiet time between now and January 1 to reflect on the past year.  Think about what was good, what wasn’t so good, what you learned, what you’re proud of, what you wish you had done…  was there a really big moment in 2014 that you want to remember?  Close our eyes and try to recall that moment using all 5 senses.  What food did you eat?  What did it smell like? Was the day warm and bright or a little cold and drizzly?
Here is a great list of questions for Your Year In Review.

Realize There are Things You Just Can’t Change

In November I participated in the Orange Rhino: Yell Less Love More 30 day challenge.  One of the goals was to recognize the things that I can not change.  The biggest unchangeable for me is other people’s opinions of me.  I can’t change what you. or my mother, or people on Facebook think about me, but I can do the things that I think are right and good and try to fix my mistakes along the way.  What are the unchangeable things you can relieve yourself of?

Pick 1 or 2 Ways to Be Kinder To Yourself

Create some daily habits that take care of you.  Maybe you want to get more sleep (This breathing tip might help you with that: How I Learned to Fall Asleep in Under 1 Minute).  Or you want to drink more water, read more for pleasure, find more quiet.  You can do it.  Keep your goal small and simple, write it down, tell at least 1 other person about it and you’re off… out the start gate of being kinder to YOU!

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How do you plan to ring in the new year?  What habits do you want to change or develop?
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