3 Habits I Want to Establish in 21 Days (How Did I Do?)

21 days ago I set a few goals… And here I am now being accountable to you… please be gentle…

1. No Phone During School Time

Oh my word… epic fail.  If I wasn’t on my phone I was searching something on the laptop… I think I want a restart developing that habit.

2. Write for a Minimum 10 Minutes 6 Days a Week

I probably did this for 2 out of the three weeks… and I wrote a decent amount the third week as well… only a bit more work to make this habit stick!

3. Spend at Least 15 Minutes Outside Everyday

Umm did it happen everyday?  No… but I was outside a whole lot more than usual… we went for walks on our street, jumped on the trampoline, went hiking in the woods, took our rabbit out on a leash… and played at the park… Again just some more reinforcement to make this an unbreakable habit.
So 2/3 almost habits… not too bad right?  

photo credit: Kaptain Kobold via photopin cc

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